Babystar Operation Theater Table is specially designed pediatric OT table. Babystar is one of the widely accepted pediatric operation theater table in India.

This has all the features like

  • Table top slide: Once we press this option on the Remote the table top will slide forward and Back ward. This helps in repositioning the patients body and the area of C-Arm imaging becomes wider.
  • Dual Control Console: Apart from the Remote control we can also operate all the controls through another parallel console which is fixed on the base of the table.
  • Zero Auto Leveling: The table top comes back to the 0 level from any trendelenberg position.

This table can be converted from a small size to full size adult table. It has a special small width of 15’’. We can increase the width of the table top to 17’’ or 19’’ with add on attachment whenever required. Similarly the length of the table can also be adjusted from 3 feet to 4 feet or 5 feet or 6 feet as desired.

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