Cardiomatic 3s

Cardiomatic is a specialized Cardio-thoracic operation theater table, with all world class features to make surgeries more precise, convenient & time saving for the cardiac surgeons.

Cardiomatic Cardio-thoracic OT table features

Some special features of Cardiomatic Cardio-thoracic operation theater table are :

  • Extra low height of 27" compared to standard height of 32" !!
  • Specialized attachments for easy patient positioning.
  • Table top slide with remote control
  • Zero Auto Leveling
  • Dual Control Console
  • Non Hydraulic leak proof maintenance free construction.
  • Affordable Indian prices.

The wide side arm table attachment helps in radial artery harvesting of the hand. It is a very rigid attachment which does not require any support or stand (which generally comes in the way of surgeons and disturbs their concentration).

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